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Benefits of using Learnbubble

Learnbubble offers an affordable and flexible option for delivering training and assessment. Here are five examples of how Learnbubble can provide real benefits:

Enables fast delivery of training

If you have a growing workforce that you need to train fast and efficiently in key areas, such as Data protection or Health and Safety, Learnbubble enables you do this the moment they arrive, or even before they get to the office. A framework for staff induction training can be quickly populated with your organisation’s content. The intuitive interface means that they will not need any special training to take a course and so can become productive in the shortest possible time. E-learning, and specifically Learnbubble, enables you to easily expand into geographically remote areas by providing a reliable way of training and monitoring understanding of local staff. The tutor or SME interface gives the option of directed personal support to learners.

Helps keep cost down

You know training is crucial to your organisation but if you have been using an external supplier or dedicated in-house trainers to deliver pure classroom style courses, you will know that this is very expensive and, in some subject areas, is not the most effective solution. The indirect costs in terms of travel, lost working time and expenses are very high and for many organisations are no longer sustainable. Learnbubble can help you to slash your training budget by offering an affordable online alternative delivered via an internet browser. It works perfectly with blended learning enabling the trainer to greatly reduce the amount of face to face time whilst still providing some personalised support to the courses on-line. You can build your own glossary or knowledge base as an additional support to learners

Enables speedy updating of content

If you produce a constantly evolving product or service, you'll want to quickly inform your staff or distributors of the improvements to help them increase sales. Learnbubble courses are easy to change,update or add modules, so the new information can be incorporated fast into existing courses or cloned to create new ones.

Health and Safety training, Evidence of Compliance

For some organisations health and safety issues are of paramount importance. It might be construction, hazardous chemicals, manufacturing or any area where the general public is involved. Learnbubble offers you a framework for structured learning and recording of test results, with student access to experts if desired. The system will maintain an audit history of everyone doing training, including the results of any assessments taken, removing worries about how to provide proof of training to auditors, or to investigators in the event of an accident.

Induction courses for new starters or new projects

Example. A Project Manager running a large project may want everyone to do an induction course as they join. Learnbubble enables you to create a tailored induction course. It might consist of a personal welcome and overview, followed by key facts, then links to other websites, an introductory video from the CEO or Project manager, and access to white papers and actions. In short it is almost being an intranet. The benefit of putting it into Learnbubble is that it formalises what is there into structured content, it tells the Project Manager who has or has not done the course, and enables them to chase up on it. By adding a few specific assessment questions to the course the Project Manager has the reassurance that all project members have done the necessary preparation to become involved in the project. This makes it a very valuable tool.

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